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Kenya Albino Child Support Program (KACSU)


KASCU is a community bared organization registered in 2007 and  has its offices in Nairobi Kenya.  We have now registered an NGO:  African Foundation for Education of Albino Children (AFEAC). We  have also constituted an executive board......(read more)



KACSU's mission is to help needy child with albinism, in partnership with local and foreign donors and other well-wishers, with medical care, education especially at primary and secondary levels and other special necessities such as sun blocks, clothes, sanitary towels for the girls, school uniforms and regular health check-ups.


In the long run Kacsu intends to have most of the children especially the young ones in lower primary supported from their homes. It will be our wishes to have all the older ones attend boarding –integrated schools and not special schools for visually impaired as is happening in most of our centres  .(read more)

Organizational Structure

Kacsu consist of four office bearers namely Chairperson,Deputy Director, Secretary and the treasurer......(read more)

Intervention Areas

KACSU proposes to assist a maximum of 150 needy children with albinism in the country.  This year 2013 we have 135 children based in kitui, Meru, Eldoret, Thika and Kibera. We also have 10 home- based children.  In total we have 145 children in the programme
We are limiting the number for now for reasons that donor funding is not as consistent as it has always been and it’s also getting very difficult to get new donors. But if there is a desperate case we can always consider.
We are infact trying to get each child a sponsor so that we can be assured of uninterrupted provision of both education and basic necessities to these needy children.

The birth of an idea

By African standards, Kenya is not a large country. Its 569,250 square kilometers ranks it twenty-second in size among the nations of Sub-Saharan Africa . For administrative purposes, Kenya is divided into Eight Provinces, with the capital city, Nairobi , also having special status as a province. The country's population is about thirty-three (33) million, particularly, distributed among the eight provinces of Nairobi , Central, Eastern, Western, Nyanza, Coast, North Eastern and Rift Valley ............( read more )

Reaching Out

We need to reach out across the country even venture in to villages and identify mothers who are hiding because they have children with albinism......we need to bring out all children from their hiding places so that they can be given a chance in life(read more)

KACSU officially received registered charity status on 14th December 2007 . Based in Nairobi Kenya,it has close links with Force Foundation. It is hoped that with the help of individual donations and /or organizations more and more Albino children in kenya will benefit.

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